The Purpose of This Blog

You might say “What exactly is breakcore? French house? Garage? Neurofunk?” but I’ve got you covered.

The purpose of this blog is simply to assist people in “getting into” a certain genre of electronic music. I’m very passionate about this, and as my personal tastes have changed, I’ve come to enjoy discovering new, obscure, and unconventional styles of electronic music beyond house, dubstep, and trap. Even more so, I enjoy explaining their stylistic trademarks in great detail…to anyone who will listen.

My posts will consist of the following:

• The genre I’m talking about
• An explanation of its musical characteristics
• Notable examples of the genre (links to SoundCloud and YouTube)
• Photos or videos of artists, performances, and artwork relating to the genre

With my help, you’ll be a hipster in no time; You’ll be well-versed on all kinds of obscure music!

If you’d like, you can email me at with suggestions, tips, or anything else!

I produce electronic music, so you can check out my SoundCloud and (hopefully) jam out to my music.