Month: May 2014

A Summary of Blogging

Now that it’s over, I’d like to reflect on the blogging experience.

This was my first blog, and I’ll honestly continue using it, although maybe not about just one specific subject.

I think that blogging could potentially be important to my future job prospects because it teaches me how to communicate in a way that’s outside my comfort zone, which is the entire point of getting a degree in communication.

As far as effective tools, I think that the photo slideshow and Storify didn’t work well with my specific topic (electronic music) because it needs to be heard rather than seen. Maybe in the future, we could be required to post things on SoundCloud or a similar site.

Overall, my experience was great.


Show’s I’ve Been To (Storify)

Although I’m on a college student budget, I try to attend as many electronic shows as possible. From huge spectacles like Mad Decent Block Party to laid-back, intimate shows at small venues, these shows will give me good memories for the rest of my life.

You can check out my Storify here (warning: loud videos with explicit language)